USB Duplicator- 15 Drive ( Super Series)
USB Duplicator- 15 Drive ( Super Series)

USB Duplicator- 15 Drive ( Super Series)


Capax 15 Target USB Duplicator in the super series is a standalone, high speed, and highly efficient product that allows you to quickly and easily make copies of USB Flash Cards.

New upgraded model in 2018!

Newly developed casing with superior air circulation and additional trays for USB drive storage. Model can also be rebuilt into greater target output if required at later stage.

l   High-speed copy supports up to 1.5GB/m per port

l   New built-in advanced Multi-Core processor

l   Complete standalone system, no computer required

l   Supports bit-for-bit copy for USB/memory cards of all formats, data sizes and any capacity

l   Provides DoD Erase function which is complied with USA Department of Defense (DoD) data security standard

l   Four kinds of professional quality diagnostic tools for a Flash module

l   " Capacity Check" shows accurate capacity of USB/Memory card to get rid of low quality or fake flash media

l   "Speed Check" shows the reading and writing speed of the Flash module within 8 seconds

l   "H3/H5 Media Check" shows the quantity of bad sectors through bit-for-bit examination

l   Quick data copy, copies only data contained areas.( Support FAT16/32, Linux EXT2/EXT3/EXT4, NTFS)

l   2 second format, 3 models available for selection

l   Supports Synchronous and Asynchronous modes for Copy/Compare/ Erase/ Format functions

l   Strict bit-for-bit hardware comparison further increases the reliability of duplication.

l   User-friendly interface with real time information LCD display

l   Firmware upgrade available with well-experienced team support