3 Target Capax Bluray Disc Duplicator
3 Target Capax Bluray Disc Duplicator
3 Target Capax Bluray Disc Duplicator
3 Target Capax Bluray Disc Duplicator
3 Target Capax Bluray Disc Duplicator

3 Target Capax Bluray Disc Duplicator


7 Target Capax Multi Bluray Disc Duplicator fitted with the advanced LG Bluray Drives.

Capax Duplicators are designed in Australia by Capax Technology. Capax have been a specialist in Duplication equipment for over 15 years, Supplying to over 85% of professional duplication services in Australia,  as well as government, universities and TAFE. Police and hospitals etc. It is the best known brand for Duplication tower in Australia.

Capax Disc duplicators are fully assembled in Australia by professionally trained technicians. Each machine undergoes a 20 points quality testing system prior to despatch. We also pride ourselves using only the best quality components which includes:

a) Stable 350W power supply with peak to 450W. Most of the duplicators on the market claim to use 400W peak, but in reality only reached 250W. This stability will also increase the longevity of burner life.

b) We also have a better ventilated and sturdier casing specially designed to increase the life of burners substantially.

Standard Features Includes:

Standalone- no PC or additional software required.

High Speed Quality Duplicator- Multifunction which supports Blu-ray, DVD and CD Duplication . All these features included in the same SATA Capax Controller. High Speed 8X Blu-ray, 20X DVD and 52X CD Duplication

Copy and Compare Function- Bit by bit comparison through the hardware after copying for guaranteed data quality

DDR2 memory- Supports 64 bit DDR2 Buffer memory. Only 64 bit DDR2 can guarantee 11 targets Blu-ray to be duplicated above 10x speed. High and stable transmission can reduce the copy fail rate and increase the productivity

128MB Buffer Memory- Sufficient buffer can increase the stability of duplication which leads to higher quality disc duplication



1)FAST HEAT DISSIPATION-  The internal temperature in the Capax Tower is only 3 degree higher than the surrounding room temperature. In traditional tower, uneven heat distribution is between 5 to 10 degrees higher than room temperature.  This can reduce burner life and effect burning performance.


2) Small foot print, it use only ½ of the desktop area in comparison with standard case. This allow more units to be stacked on to shelf or desk.


3) FILTERED AIR-  Traditional casing take unfiltered air from front of the tower and causes dust not only gather inside the large space within the tower but also get into drives. Dust damages electronics by causing the machine to overheat thus creating mechanical problems for the drives. Capax has specially designed a duplicator case which takes air from the back through washable filters allowing the drives to have higher cooling efficiency and effectively slows down dust gathering in the unit.


4) THICKER PANELS & FOLDABLE HANDLES- Often couriers can damage the tower during transit. Little deformity in the drives or casing may not be detectable, but burning performances can suffer. Instead of traditional 0.7mm metal sheet we have used 2mm metal sheet for all Capax duplication tower, giving a robust built. Foldable metal handles on all duplication towers eases handling.