1-19 Intelligent 9 Professional USB Duplicator
1-19 Intelligent 9 Professional USB Duplicator
1-19 Intelligent 9 Professional USB Duplicator
1-19 Intelligent 9 Professional USB Duplicator

1-19 Intelligent 9 Professional USB Duplicator


1-19 Intelligent 9 Series Professional USB Duplicator Features:

  • Standalone, no PC required to operate the duplicator.
  • Compatible with the USB stick 2.0, 3.0, USB- HDD 2.0, 3.0, and other various USB devices.
  • Impeccable copy speed: up to 1.5GB per min for each port and up to 120 ports.
  • Supports all types of data format copying while doing bit for bit duplication
  • Supports “quick copy” for Linux (ext2/ext3/ext4) and NTFS, FAT16/32.
  • The USB stick can have a capacity up to 64GB.
  • The USB-HDD can have a capacity up to 2TB
  • Easy maintenance for quick swap USB module.

Impeccable High Speed- U-Reach USB drive duplicators are capable of copying at 1.5GB/m on all devices simultaneously, with no slowing down even the number of targets increases.

Supports All Partition Format for Duplication

  • Bit for Bit Duplication- Copies all kind of data format
  • Able to proceed systems and files copy- When USB flash device is windows ( NTFS, FAT 16/32/64), Linux ( ex2/ ex3/ ex4) format, to greatly reduce copy time.

Supports Copying All kinds of USB Devices- With Sufficient a power supply and unique design, it can support all kinds of Flash Media, including the USB 3, USB-HDD, MP3 Player etc

 6 Kinds of Power Flash Diagnostic Tool

  • H5 Write/Read test- The most secure and complete quality examination tool
  • H3 Read only test- To completely test the device by reading, and save the data in the device.
  • H6 Quality Test- It checks in the same way as H5, but it skips the data area and only checks the empty area.
  • Capacity Check- To test the REAL CAPACITY of memory cards/USB drives WITHIN 2 seconds.
  • A2 fake picker- To sort out the USB/flash drives with False Capacity which are made up by special program.
  • Speed Check- To test the reading/writing speed WITHIN 8 seconds. 

Flash Quality Filtration by H5/H6 Test

Users can set up Test Standard to sort out the flash below standard.

- exclude low reading/writing Speed device 

- exclude low reading/writing Speed device 

- exclude device with too many bad sectors

- exclude device with false Capacity on package

Three Erase Method & Format

Quick Erase, Full Erase, DoD Erase which complies with the standard of Department of Defense of US government.

PC-Link Technology

Easy Maintenance- With a specially redesigned and improved structure, users can easily exchange the sockets via THREE steps within ONE minute.

Ergonomic & Compact Dimension- The ergonomic dimension is smaller than the traditional Flash Duplicator by 50% to 70%.

Easy Insertion & Removal- The special socket has a guiding design for easy sliding in and out.

Safely Remove Hardware design- After the duplication task is completed, the Intelligent 9 USB drive duplicator will automatically cut down the power and signal to USB devices. Users can remove the USB sticks directly without any concern.

Power Adapter- It’s flexible enough to add extra power for a large scale duplication.